Currently, all SRM trainings being offered are Train the Trainers with contracted organizations. Check the website periodically for the posted date of any public trainings.


SRM Study Group: Virtual 

The study group meets monthly. The group is one step in being able to facilitate at SRM trainings and to be involved in TGW’s national and international projects. Contact Laurie Leitch: if you would like to be included.

Here are a Few of Our Exciting Projects

A state-wide SRM Train the Trainer program has been funded by the State of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH).

The program will train two cohorts of SRM/BGP Trainers who will then offer our practical skills and concepts in a range of diverse settings. The project also includes consultation with policymakers about enhancing a resiliency orientation in policies and programs. The project was reconfigured to meet virtually due to COVID and was held via  Zoom seminar.

This project has been completed…we have a new group of SRM/BGP trainers in the state of Massachusetts!


Our partnership in Montgomery County (based in Dayton, Ohio) with ADAMHS (Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services) is continuing in 2023 with another cohort of excellent staff in our Train the Trainer Program.

Last year’s cohort of SRM/BGP trainers has already trained over 550 individuals from a wide range of agencies and programs. ADAMHS defines its mission as “transforming innovative behavioral health leadership and partnerships to promote a healthy region.” Our 2023 SRM/BGP Train the Trainer includes participants from a wide range of agencies and organizations and included an in-person 2-day training followed by 6 months of half-day weekly sessions.

Our work in the UK with Novalis Trust and it’s clinical and school staff is continuing.

The Trust is based in the Cotswolds area of England which is noted for its beautiful, pastoral settings. It is a joy to teach in such a lovely setting! The Chine School program serves special needs children and is grounded in the theories of Rudolph Steiner, an orientation that focuses on moral growth, social consciousness, and positivity. All staff at the school are participating in SRM/BGP training. TGW was also invited to present the skills and concepts to parents and trustees during our work at the school in October 2022. In 2023 our continuing work is oriented to building a group of SRM/BGP trainers as well as conducting consultation on use of our Skills Card, refining clinical work, and using SRM/BGP for self-care.

Projects focusing on TGW’s work in the criminal-legal system:

TGW’s work with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens is expanding in 2023. Evergreen State College in Washington State will be incorporating SRM/BPG into its education programming for formerly incarcerated students as well as corrections staff and community-based organizations beginning in March 2023.

Two SRM/BGP projects related to the criminal-legal system were funded by the District Attorney’s Office of New York (DANY) from funds recovered from criminal activities. It seems very fitting that the recovered assets are being used to fund innovative projects for people involved in the criminal-legal system. One of the projects, that completed its first year of training before Covid intervened, was with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and involved the creation of a Health Justice Network (HJN). HJN is designed to improve health outcomes for returning citizens and their families. 

The second project, the Osborne Association Bronx Wellness Project, recently completed a Train the Trainer that equipped a set of staff in every program in the Osborne Association with SRM trainer skills. These SRM trainers are now training all remaining staff and will make Osborne Association the first SRM Resilience-informed Organization in New York City. The Osborne Association serves over 12,000 clients each year. Osborne is currently conducting a project for black fathers that uses SRM/BGP to improve parenting outcomes.

Our year-long work with Ceasefire Detroit has been completed and the SRM/BGP Ceasefire Trainers are now in the field offering  RZone self-regulation skills in Detroit’s high violence precincts. The self-care component of the Train the Trainer is also essential and the Ceasefire trainers use the skills to deepen their capacity to stay in balance during high-stress events as well as to improve sleep and well-being. 

TGW is proud to have been a partner in another Osborne Association project, a 3-year Arrest Diversion project for individuals 18-24 years old who were arrested for minor, non-violent crimes. The project, an alternative to jail and prison, included an SRM Train the Trainer for the Arrest Diversion project staff as well as for other Osborne Associates staff. When an arrested individual meeting the criteria attend a 3-hour SRM workshop their arrest record is waived. The program was intended to reduce the stigma of an arrest record and also to keep individuals out of jail/prison with all the associated risks. SRM-trained Reset Trainers are now actively engaged in TGW projects throughout the city.

TGW also has provided SRM training to corrections cadets at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

John Jay College has been a consistent partner of TGW’s for 5 years. Our most recent project, launched on 11/15/18 and continuing in its eighth semester of training in 2023, offers a path to college for individuals who may never otherwise have the opportunity. This project is called the Navigator Certificate Course. It is offered at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is for formerly incarcerated individuals and family members who are interested in working in human services organizations or who are currently in entry-level positions in these organizations. Completion of the certificate program, which includes SRM/BGP training, results in 6-7 credit hours that can be applied for college admission at John Jay College. 

The PeaceBuilder Project continues in Rwanda via our on-going publications discussing our survey findings. Three published articles that report on our baseline research have been published in peer-review journals and another paper, on the factors associated with forgiveness in imprisoned genocide perpetrators, is being published in fall 2023. 

And, take a look at TGW’s alternative to the ACE survey, PACES (Positive and Adverse Childhood Events Survey), that Laurie designed in 2015. It is in our writings section and demonstrates a pattern of questions that does not re-traumatize and collects positive events and not only adverse events. A recently completed study being submitted for publication soon is a validation study of the PACES instrument. Used with a sample of over 600 in an opiod addiction program in Colorado the analysis found that PACES is a valid instrument. Another study using PACES is underway in Texas.